Just why iParko is the need of the hour!

Karl Benz, from Germany, is generally credited with having created the first ever automobile way back in 1885. Since then, the world has seen a steady rise in the number of automobiles created and of course, driven. In the last few decades, the rise has been almost uncontrolled and beyond even our wildest imaginations.

Today, over 132 years since the first automobile hit the roads, traffic and parking are one of the biggest headaches to every citizen in the world. Novel parking, dutiful and careful driving solutions are the need of the hour and every country is striving to achieve it by any means possible. Leaving aside the global perspective and coming to our own Chennai, it is obvious that parking is a mammoth-sized problem today.

How many of us have decided to take a spin and drive down to Besant Nagar on a Sunday evening only to return irritated and disheartened due to no parking space? Almost always, all roads leading to and right next to the beach in Besant Nagar are crowded not just with people but also with numerous cars and bikes. However, there’s some kind of regulation in this case on the main road if not the side roads. Ever taken a ride down to Mylapore on an evening before a festival? Vehicles will be parked left, right and center with no regard to vehicles that might come later or even, the fact that the vehicles already parked have to eventually leave. Want to go into North or South Mada Street? Well, you’d have to park somewhere near the Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and walk down (if you’re lucky, that is).

South Mada street Mylapore. Parking on the road is as common as on the platform!

Properly managed on-street parking is fundamental in understanding the availability of free space in urban areas. Parking isn’t just important to all commuters but is also fundamental to pedestrians. Above all, parking right is the duty of every rider or driver. However, current scenarios indicate that not all commuters are aware of proper parking rules and hence, for those suffering in lieu of them, iParko is the right solution!

Besant Nagar on a day with light traffic and less crowd.

iParko aims to provide novel parking and eventually improve the parking scene in Chennai city. In the process, iParko will be providing parking solutions in different areas of the city and eventually reduce the parking-induced stress levels in the city! Go ahead, download the app and get going, iParko will help you to find that sweet parking spot!

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